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Located at the centre of Central District, Pier 4 is a three-storey concrete building with a height of 10 metres. The pier is opposite to the Kowloon Peninsula across the sea with its southern side linking with the Hong Kong Island and the other three sides facing the Victoria Harbour . It is close to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre at east and the Sun Tak Centre and Macau ferry Terminal at west. The roofing area of the building, which is 78 metres in length and 28 metres in width, is flat and spacious without any obstruction. It is really an ideal place for setting up all kinds of large roofing advertisements.

Advertisements Facing the Harbour
Victoria Harbour is one of the busiest harbours in the world. Since there is always an endless stream of marine traffic passing by here, it makes the roofing position of advertisement more outstanding and valuable. Today the advertisements along the Hong Kong Island have become a magnificent view of the Victoria Harbour in the evening. Beyond the harbour, people in the buildings of the opposite Kowloon Peninsula even can see the content of advertisement more clearly.

Advertisements Facing the Buildings of Central
Situated at the heart of Central, the Pier 4 stands just in front of the International Financial Centre, the tallest building in Hong Kong , and the Four Season Hotel, a six star hotel to be opened very soon. Moreover, the Pier 4 is also a must-by-passing place for passengers walking between Central Station and piers to the outlying islands. In addition, people from the nearby buildings like the Jardine House and the Exchange Square can even overlook the advertisement clearly.

Our roofing advertisement place is for rent. Should you have any enquiry, please contact us.

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A View from Victoria Harbour
An Overlook from the International Financial Centre
The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre to the east side Facing the Buildings of Central to the South
The Sun Tak Centre and Macau ferry Terminal to the west side The Kowloon Peninsula is on the opposite of the North side
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